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Ultimate Pouch Collection (Limited Edition)

Treat Yo Self    2 x 800g Pouches  1 x 400g Pouch  1 x 200g Pouch    *Mix in each bag depends on...

Treat Yo Self 


2 x 800g Pouches 

1 x 400g Pouch 

1 x 200g Pouch 


*Mix in each bag depends on availability


TREAT YO SELF has spent a lot of time and effort to source only the finest Vegan Sweets bringing you the highest quality product, that's ethical, animal by-product free, soooooo tasty, smells great, looks great, all round IS GREAT!  You can taste the difference! And believe us, we have personally taste tested every single type of sweet we have... We cannot wait for you to try them and let us know what you think, every review matters and so far we are at 100% of tasters agree they have never tasted sweets so GOOOOOOD! And remember these sweets are not just for vegans, they are for anyone with a sweet tooth, good taste and a will to be kinder to the earth & animals! 

ALL of our packaging is well thought out, eco friendly and biodegradable - from the bags, to the boxes, labels and even the tape we use!! We operate on a no waste basis, we recycle everything and use recycled materials whenever we can. We avoid plastics, tinfoils and other earthly disastrous materials... 

We will do our part to do our bit for the earth, as small as it might be - we are young and want to grow up in a safe and happy world and it all starts with small steps in the right direction.....

Sealed on delivery. Once opened store in an airtight container for up to 6 months. 



Gluten Free Range:

Gluten free wheat starch, also known as Codex wheat starch, is a specially produced ingredient where the gluten has been removed to a trace level. It is used by some manufacturers to improve the quality and texture of gluten free products. It must always appear in the ingredients list if it has been used. Gluten free wheat starch is a product of wheat, but it is specially manufactured wheat starch. In essence, the wheat starch is washed so that the level of gluten is within the Codex standard of 20 parts per million (ppm). This means it can be classed as gluten free. This level (20 parts per million) is what the law states is suitable for consumption by people with coeliac disease. By law we have to list the wheat starch in bold being in the ingredient list, even though it has been marked as safe for a Gluten Free diet.

Disclaimer: Our Gluten Free sweets have been packaged in the same facilities as those with gluten and although we are extremely careful, and follow all necessary guidelines and safety precautions, cross contamination may be possible.



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