Our Cool Story

Welcome to Treat Yo Self! The fabulously sweet & tasty Vegan Sweet Company - thought of, imagined, created and 100% run and operated by - A BUNCH OF KIDS!!

No joke! Meet Harry Jack Ollie & Rosie Foy... "The Bosses" of

Treat Yo Self.

During lockdown homeschooling was a must, and even though their Mam & Dad insisted on making them do work everyday, they said they really wanted to learn something NEW & FUN while the had the time (and lots of it!!)

Like all kids they LOVE sweets - Their Mam & Dad are plant based so prefer to buy really good quality vegan sweets online from the UK and they are YUMMY! Not like the hard, gelatine filled cheaper sweets in the shops and supermarkets, They had tasted the good stuff and once you do, you NEVER look back.........

Their Mam & Dad both run their own businesses and do lots of cool stuff online - and they both work from home, even when its not lockdown. So over the years harry & Jack had heard a thing or two about selling stuff online and said they would like to learn that 'cause it looks "cool" 

One day they came to them and said they had an idea and needed our help to make it happen... 

They wanted to be "kid entereeepuyours" (their words)  to create something cool and earn some money to buy a gaming PC. 

They needed investors, mentors and parental consent. 

Check ✔️ Check ✔️ annnnnnnd Check ✔️

 so, with money in the bank (Thanks Mam & Dad), contracted mentors (Us again) and our absolute consent and support.... THEY WERE OFF!!

*They have been part of every aspect of it from concept to creation*

They are the bosses around here and they are proud to launch their first business - at the tender age of 6 and 8 - Harry & Jack and their little brother and sister present to you.....

Treat Yo Self

The Vegan Sweet Co

And so it begins... the start of these little peoples entrepreneurial journey 

They have one message for you today - Go on - and TREAT YO SELF!!


Thanks for all your support

Harry & Jack Foy


Happy new year to all our wonderful customers.