Get 2 Give 

By purchasing the "treat yo sox Box" you will be putting a smile on the face of a sick child in a children's hospital this christmas.

Get 2 Give is the brainchild of harry, who wanted to treat the kids who may not get to spend christmas at home this year. every time one of these boxes (with 2 bags inside) is sold, we will pack up a bag here and put it aside to drop off at a children's hospital on christmas week. Harry & Jack will personally drop all these bags off at reception on your behalf to bring some treats and christmas joy, love and healing prayers to the brave little children in temple street & Crumlin children's hospital.

Treat Yo Sox Box

With 2 pouches inside every box, each weighing a whopping 800g - these are the PERFECT stocking fillers this Christmas! 

This was meant to be a secret, so don't tell anyone - but santa got in in touch with us! he needs some help this year as its so so busy for him, and asked us to help with some yummy scrummy stocking fillers! and we came up with our brand new box - the Treat yo sox box - the perfect stocking fillers! He also asked could we manage to get some treats to kids who really deserve it for being such brave soldiers this year - his wish, was our command! 


Chose Your Sox Box

Choose the bags you prefer to go in each box. You have 5 choices, one as good as the next! The yummiest treats in town!! 

Chose from:

Mixed fizz & non fizz

funky fizz

non fizz 


gluten free 

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